Q.) - What do the Ingram, Morphew, McClung, and Cooper family lines have in common?  A.) - Me.  These lines all intersect in Graham County, North Carolina, where I am from, and each is the family name of one of my grandparents.  Each of these family lines can be traced back in this country to before the United States of America was created. There are members that fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, as well as the Mexican and Civil Wars. This site is dedicated to these families.

Click a family surname at the left (Ingram, Morphew, McClung, or Cooper) to follow that direct family line, each beginning with one of my grandparents.  Click any other surname to follow other family lines that interconnect.  ( Each of these lines also trace back in this country to before the U.S.A. was created - no immigrant blood here).
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Graham County, North Carolina - Robbinsville, County Seat

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