Oldest Known Pictures of Robbinsville

from about 1895

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These pictures were found in an old scrapbook by Michael Lowery, Great-Grandson of William S. Whiting

of the Whiting Mfg. Co., an early logging company operating in Graham County.  Thanks Michael!


Mid-Town Robbinsville, taken from about where the old Ingram Drugstore (now a lawyer's office) is located,  facing south toward where Lynn's Restaurant is now located.
Robbinsville, taken from lower Long Creek, about where the old Helen Ghormley house is now located, just across Long Creek from the County Library.  The town was built on what was know as "Rhea Hill" at the time.
Closer view of left side of above picture (North Robbinsville).
Closer view of right side of above picture (South Robbinsville).
Even closer view of South Robbinsville.
Whiting Lumber Co. employees at Snowbird Middle Falls, c. 1895 - probably the first picture ever taken of the falls.