Whiting Lumber Company in Graham County


     Before the logging companies came to Graham County in the early 1900's, the county was covered with a native forest that contained millions of huge trees that were hundreds, if not thousands of years old.  Chestnut, poplar, hemlock, oak, wild cherry, beech, maple, and buckeye trees abounded - some of which had reached six, seven, even eight or more feet in diameter.  But they were still no match for the logger's blade.  One of the larger of these companies was Whiting, which owned many large tracts, including Snowbird, and operated a mill at Judson, a community now covered by Fontana Lake.  


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Whiting Mill and Judson Community, Graham and Swain Counties, North Carolina 



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The following photos are from a 1910 article in American Lumberman magazine covering the Whiting Company's logging operations in Graham County.